a man struggling from pain because of sciatica and looking for new footwear

Sciatica, hip, and back pain can all be symptoms of an underlying condition or lifestyle factors.

Sciatica describes back pain that spreads to the leg.

Often, it presents as a shooting and excruciating pain that makes activities like sitting, standing, and walking impossible.

Hip and back pain may present as anything from a dull ache to excruciating pain.

The problem with sciatica, hip, and back pain is that it can make everything that you do painful.

Fortunately, the proper pair of shoes can fix this.

This article will review some of the best shoes for sciatica, hip, and back pain.

back pain footwear guide

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Most people don’t take time to think about how the shoes they are buying might affect the health of their backs and hips. Why should they? After all, it barely registers. They go about their daily lives without a care in the world.


...apart from the aesthetics aspect, the only real utility of the shoes they wear is to protect their feet from the harsh elements.

You want to find the right pair for your back and hip pain condition. We get you, and that’s exactly what we’re going to offer you today. Are you ready? Let’s go!

Best Walking Shoes for Sciatica

Brooks Women’s Addiction

The idea behind the Brooks Addiction for women is that you’re supposed to get addicted to walking when you wear them.

That is both ambitious and noble as a goal and, based on what people are saying in the Amazon review, they do achieve that goal for a lot of people, making them love the idea of walking.

The shoes are incredibly comfortable, soft, and make you feel like you could crawl up inside of them and go to sleep. Too bad only your feet can fit!

The best thing is that they are entirely human-made. It means that all the care in the world that can be afforded by a human was given to them. They are very comfortable as a result and will allow you to walk for long distances without feeling any fatigue.

The sole is also synthetic, which is something that vegans and those that are against the killing of animals for leather will appreciate. The synthetic material also happens to be environment-friendly, so the environmentalists are also taken care of. They have also been designed in such a way as to support the arches and help to control overpronation.


  • ​Extremely comfortable because of the superior design
  • ​Do you suffer from overpronation? Then you will appreciate the support and control afforded by this design.
  • ​Synthetic and environmentally friendly, which is a good thing for your conscience


  • ​You might have to order slightly bigger than your size to avoid underfitting


These shoes are great and will take you through whatever kind of walking experience you have to endure. Eventually, you might get addicted to walking because of them!

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Skechers Performance Men’s Go

These shoes have attracted a lot of love from all types of customers.

They have a lot of nice things to say about them. One of the most memorable reviews left behind by a customer on Amazon was that walking in these shoes felt like “walking on clouds.”

When a shoe gets a reputation like that, you know it’s doing something right. Skechers have quite a reputation, and they are expected to keep that reputation up with each new product they launch. The expectations were high and Skechers seemed to meet most of them without breaking a sweat.

One of the key features is that it is completely made of mesh on the upper part. Your feet get to breathe, and the shoes get to recover and dry quickly when they get wet. As for your feet sweating and feeling uncomfortable, you don’t have to worry about that.

The heel, in particular, is very thick at 1.5 inches. That means you get a bit of a spring in your step. On the bottom, you get some well-designed treads that give you all round traction. You don’t get an ounce of slip with these shoes.

On the inside, we have the GOga Pillars sole. This sole incorporates GOga mat technology that cushions your feet no matter what kind of weight you exert on the shoe. The sole has memory foam and rebounds pretty quickly, rising to the occasion every time you need it to.

The foam padding is especially thick around the heel so that wearing the shoe feels like the fit is perfectly custom. Overall, it is an extremely light shoe. You might as well be wearing a glove around your feet!


  • ​​Great custom feet because of extra padding around the heel
  • ​​Mesh design allows feet to breathe
  • ​​Sole incorporates high rebounding memory foam cushion for greater comfort


  • ​​Wears out quickly under intense use


If you’re going for an intense walk for many days at a time, then this pair is perfect for you.

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Best Running Shoes for Hip Pain

​Salomon Women’s XR Mission

The story of Francois Salomon and the company he formed is an interesting one.

The company is known for innovation in many different areas, including mountaineering, adventure racing, hiking, and trail running, with a wide range of equipment, apparel, and footwear for all these activities.

The XR women’s running shoes are one of their best products and the people that have worn them have nothing but love for them. Apart from the good looks and bold colors that come with the sleek design, the shoes also offer plenty of utility and come with a whole slew of features to make your running experience that much better.

There are lots of wonderful features in these shoes. The upper part is made of breathable mesh, and the midsole is rather lightweight, effectively making running much easier. The mesh ensures plenty of breathability so that moisture and heat do not build up inside your shoe. As for the midsole, it is made of EVA and will properly cushion your feet without feeling too heavy.

The fit is also taken care of using two proprietary technologies from Salomon: Sensifit and Sensiflex. The most important thing that is considered by the Sensifit is the upper instep, which is well cradled. That way, the rolling motion characteristic of running comes naturally.

As for the Sensiflex technology, the forefoot is stretchable, which provides accommodation for the expansion of your foot while running. The tendon is also rather oversized to absorb all the extra energy that comes from the transition between heel-strike and toe off.

The outsole is also not to be forgotten, with its superior traction. When you’re running, especially on trails, you want your outsoles to have strong tread that not only provides traction on especially slippery surfaces but also allows you to run quickly enough when you want to. You also want the foothold to be firm, and that is easily provided here by the protective toe cap.

On the inside, your foot gets lots of cushioning, thanks to the foam footbed. It runs all the way to the heel, where extra cushioning is provided for when your heel strikes the ground.

The laces have also been designed for speed, where you can tie them with a single pull. They also come with a lace pocket so you can put them out of the way while you’re running.


  • ​​​Extremely comfortable due to fitting technologies and well-cushioned footbed
  • ​​Breathable mesh keeps heat and moisture from building up​
  • ​​​Has a well-treaded outsole for extra traction


  • ​​​The laces could potentially damage easily, due to being thin and elastic


Overall, this is a great shoe for running, and you’re bound to have a more exciting run with them.

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Hoka One One Men’s Bondi 5

HOKA is one of the most respected brands on the market when it comes to shoes, and the HOKA ONE ONE is one of their most popular product lines.

The Bondi 5 continues their tradition of making cool shoes that have been engineered to make the human foot as comfortable as possible in all its endeavors. In this particular case, the Men’s Bondi 5 has lots of features that make running in these shoes feel like floating over the running surface.

To begin with, these shoes have been specially engineered for running on hard surfaces, such as pavements. If you’re going to use them on a trail, then use them only for the softest of trails as they are not meant for hard trails. That said, their features are excellent for pavement use.

In the comfort sector, this shoe does not disappoint. It comes with a well-designed upper body and a padded tongue for a comfortable feel when the laces are tied. The midsole is made of EVA and is curved right from the back of the foot for greater comfort. It is made of breathable mesh on the upper part to allow excellent breathability to maintain cool and dry feet while running.

The top part is 3D printed, and lightweight material is used for the process, allowing you to run without feeling the weight on your feet. As for insole and its curve, it allows your feet to feel like they were on a rocking chair.

This effect helps as it allows your feet to roll smoothly through the gait cycle while you’re running. From heel strike to toe hold, the whole process feels natural. The heel also comes with a moderate level to keep the heels extra comfortable during the heel strike.

As for the outsole, the use of zonal rubber is extensive in areas of the outsole that are especially susceptible to wear. That way, your shoes are extra durable.


  • ​​​​Breathable mesh keeps feet cool and dry during runs
  • ​​​The curved sole allows for rocking chair effect to make the feet move more smoothly through the gait cycle
  • ​​​​The zonal rubber ensures the shoes are extra durable by reinforcing particularly susceptible areas


  • ​The zonal rubber tends to peel off the sole if you run on hard trails


If you’re running on pavement and need a shoe that supports your gait, then it’s impossible to go wrong with this shoe.

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Best Tennis Shoes for Back Pain

Adidas Men’s Bercuda 3

The Adidas Men’s Bercuda 3 has a break-in period but is otherwise a great shoe. They have thick, rubber soles that help to absorb impact, as well as EVA insoles that add cushioning and mold to feet for increased stability.

These shoes have additional comfort because of the ADIPRENE midsoles. Finally, these running shoes offer excellent lateral support, which is critical to alleviating back pain.

Aside from the break-in period, these shoes sometimes have a quality design problem where the upper of the shoe occasionally separates from the sole, especially if you are rough on your shoes.

Verdict: The quality design problem is a major flaw, but these shoes should not be overlooked as an option if you are not particularly rough on your shoes. They offer tons of comfort, stabilization, and support, all of which are important for back pain sufferers.

ASICS Women's GEL-Resolution ​7

​​If you are suffering from a pinched nerve in your back or sciatica, these shoes are an excellent choice for several reasons.

First, the shoe features DuoMax support that stabilizes your foot while giving you the comfort and support that you need.

There is also extra gel cushioning in the forefoot to add to comfort and impact absorption, as well as great arch support. Another awesome feature of this shoe is the personal heel fit, which ensures your foot is snug. Finally, the high-abrasion rubber outsole keeps you from slipping.

The one downside of this shoe is that it may not fit wide feet. However, it stretches over time in most cases.


Unless you have particularly wide feet, these shoes are an excellent choice. They offer support, comfort, and a customized fit. 

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Best​ for Hiking

Merell Women’s Moab 2

​So MOAB is supposed to stand for Mother of all Boots, or so word on the streets claims. With a name like that, you know that the makers of these shoes were pretty ambitious and were going all out to make something remarkable.

Considering the demands that come with hiking, you want a shoe that can take on the elements without breaking a sweat, or a piece of the sole or pretty much any other aspect of its construction. It should be durable enough to remain your faithful companion for a long time.

And, for the price and all the claims the manufacturer makes about the shoe, you want a pair that looks good. Does the MOAB 2 live up to all the hype surrounding it? Well, we can say it does. The reviews sing nothing but praise, and even a quick run-through of the features shows that this shoe was built for utility.

The best part of this pair, which is what you would expect of a hiking shoe, is the outsole, which is made of Vibram. That means you get tread like no other to get you through all of those slippery slopes you’re likely to experience on your hike.

Add a protective rubber cap to that, and your foot is fully protected during your hike. As for the top, you get a nice mix of mesh and 100% suede leather. The soft leather is there to ensure that your feet remain protected against water while the mesh is to make sure they breathe and don’t get too hot.

On the inside, the air cushion insole ensures maximum comfort for your foot while the nylon arch shank keeps your gait steady and prevents foot pain.

All-around, it’s a pretty functional shoe. In the style department, you get 4 different color schemes to choose from, all of which are colorful enough to look good while still looking like a proper hiking shoe.


  • ​Vibram outsole provides maximum tread for any hiking terrain
  • ​​​​100% suede leather top provides a waterproof environment
  • ​​​​​Air cushion in-sole offers maximum comfort


  • ​​You might have to order a half size larger than your actual size as they tend to be too tight at the exact size


If you’re going hiking and need the perfect feminine hiking shoes, then these are a must to carry along with you.

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Under Armour Men’s Fat Tire

​Under Armour is a great company that has achieved worldwide fame for their line of sweat absorbing undershirts.

Usually, when a company has become recognized for being highly innovative and successful in one area, there is some expectation for it to venture to other areas as well.

However, this is always a risky venture, as success is not always guaranteed. The move from training undershirts to hiking shoes may seem fitting since both involve extreme activities and environments, but it is still a significant move, and there is no guarantee of success.

That’s all the more reason why the Men’s Fat Tire is such an awe-inspiring shoe. Because it dispels all fears and proves that Under Armour can surmount any challenges that beset them.

The sole on the Under Armour Flat Tire is synthetic, and very strong at that, coming in at a whole 2 inches of thickness. The shaft is another mega-sized component, going all the way up to the ankle. That ensures that your feet are completely protected from the elements while your gait is also controlled.

The materials are also quite strong. The material itself is a composite of fabric, textile, and foam, to protect your feet from the elements. Interestingly enough, this mix of materials is windproof and also breathable and waterproof at the same time.

The most innovative part, by far, is the Boa Closure System, which allows you to tie your shoes both tighter and quicker than you would with standard laces.


  • ​​Very thick sole provides maximum comfort
  • ​​​​​The Boa Closure System allows you to lace up extra tightly and extra quickly
  • ​​​​​​The textile and fabric composite material on the upper part protects you from the elements, including water and wind.


  • ​You will have to get a size larger to avoid getting shoes that are too tight


These are the perfect shoes for men’s hiking, and they come from a brand that anyone would be glad to show off!

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Best Dress Shoes for Hip & Back Pain

Rockport Cobb Hill Women’s Angelina

​Just because you suffer from chronic pain doesn’t mean you don’t deserve to wear footwear that make you look good when you’re going for events that require you to dress up.

You want shoes that are comfortable and support your feet, hips, and back so that you don’t see walking as a chore, but you also want shoes that are stylish enough to demand a second look.

That’s what you get with the Rockport Cobb Hill Women’s Angelina!

The upper part is made out of 100% leather while the sole is synthetic. The leather ensures that your feet are perfectly comfortable while the shoe itself is both stylish and flexible.

In fact, they can bend in about any direction, allowing your feet to move in whatever way feels most natural to them. The outsoles have also been designed to specifically control the stability of your foot and give you a confident gait and walk.

The T-Strap is beautifully designed for demanding a second look while the retro design gives it a timeless style that everyone will appreciate. To top it off, the materials, from the platform to the top, are the softest and smoothest kind, to make your feet feel like you’re walking on clouds.


  • ​​​Stylish design demands a double take
  • ​​​​​​Soft leather makes feet comfortable
  • ​​​​​​​Flexibility accommodates movement in all directions


  • ​​Toe box may be too wide for extra narrow feet


If you have extra wide feet and if you need shoes that support your back and hips, then they are the perfect to dress up in.

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Rockport Men’s Style Leader 2

​Every man wants to look and feel stylish in the shoes they wear. However, most stylish shoes are simply unwearable for men with back and hip pain.

The situation almost seems hopeless as there doesn’t seem to be a shoe in sight that combines style with comfort. 

However, with the Rockport Men’s Style Leader 2, you no longer have to worry. This fantastic shoe is not only super comfortable and engineered to support your feet, but also oozes style with its design.

It is made entirely out of leather, which means it looks stylish and genuine and also that it works to conform to the shape of your feet. The outsole, in particular, is made of EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate), which further conforms to your foot shape and gives it the perfect fit.

As for the heel, it contains adiprene from Adidas to absorb all of that extra pressure and shock when you’re walking and give your heels the cushioning they need.

Another measure taken with this shoe is the protection against water. The anti-microbial lining on the inside wicks off moisture and keeps your feet dry while protecting your feet from odor. The leather itself is waterproof, and the tongue is gusseted to prevent an entry point for water.


  • ​​​​Adiprene and EVA sole cushions your heels and conforms to the shape of your feet
  • ​​​​​​​Wide toe box allows for maximum comfort of toes
  • ​​​​​​​​Waterproof leather ensures your feet are protected from the elements


  • ​​​May take a while to break in fully


Rockport outdid themselves with this shoe. It is both comfortable and stylish and perfect for those with lower back and hip pain.

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Best ​For Work

Algeria Women’s Classic Clog

The concept behind work shoes is pretty simple. If you’re standing a lot at work and walking around for most of your day, such as if you’re a nurse, for example, or a chef, then you want the experience to be as comfortable as possible.

You will have long days plodding about on the work floor, and you will want shoes that make it at least bearable, if not pleasurable. This is even more important if you’re suffering from plantar fasciitis or some other chronic pain such as back and hip pain.

You can’t do your job if you’re in constant pain. That’s where the clog comes in, and the Algeria Women’s Classic Clog is the quintessential clog.

This pair is simple and built for utility. It does its job well. To start with, it is completely made of leather, which, while it might ruffle a few feathers, is still one of the most comfortable and durable materials out there. The sole is made of rubber about 1.5 inches thick for added durability and cushioning against the hard floor.

As for comfort, you get plenty of that through the 1-inch thick platform. As for the top, it oozes style with a cloth covering and a cloth covered buckle. The aesthetics are also considered, and you can choose from 38 different colors and patterns. If that doesn’t scream ‘variety,’ then I don’t know what does!


  • ​​​​​Comfortable due to the thick platform and sole
  • ​​​​Has a rubber sole for extra cushioning
  • ​​​​​Offers 38 different patterns and colors for extra variety


  • ​​Tends to wear out after a year according to customer reports


These clogs are perfect for the work environment if you don’t mind getting a new pair every year or so.

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Skechers Men’s Equalizer 2.0

Skechers went all out on this particular shoe, designing for some of the most demanding work environments. We’re not talking about demanding as in harsh environments, but rather demanding as in you’re required to be on your feet all day.

For that purpose, these shoes were so well-engineered that some aspects of them can even be said to be engineered. In this context, that’s a compliment!

The features of these shoes, just like the women’s shoes that came before, are straightforward and done for utility. They aren’t very fancy and admittedly come with less color and pattern variety than the women’s clogs.

But then again, they are sneakers, not clogs. All the same, the little color variety that is available is good enough for the working man.

The shoes are completely made out of textile, which makes them the right choice for those that are averse to leather. They also have a thick rubber sole for added durability.

The shaft, in particular, measures a full 3 inches from the arch, which makes them super comfortable and well cushioned. On the inside, they have thick memory foam, which ensures quick rebounding and an easy break-in when they’re new.

An interesting feature of these shoes is the width. They are wide, with the 2E having an EW rating and the 4E having an EWW rating. This is to accommodate the expansion of the feet as you walk around in stuffy environments, especially if your feet are already wide.


  • ​​​​​​Very comfortable due to memory foam on insole
  • ​​​​​Thick rubber sole for added comfort and durability
  • ​​​​​​They are made entirely out of textile, which is excellent for those opposed to natural leather


  • ​​​You might have to get a size smaller than your normal feet due to the possibility that your size is too wide for your feet


These are great shoes with plenty of comfort, especially for extra wide feet.

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Best Training Shoes

​Skechers Women’s Shape Ups

By now you’ve probably noticed how prolific Skechers is on this list. They make shoes for just about every category you can think of, with lots of success in all the categories.​

They are not to be ignored in the training department either, with their Women’s Shape Ups.

Sure enough, the design allows you to shape up and get fit in the most comfortable way possible, which is a much-needed boon for those suffering from back and hip pain.

The shoes are made entirely out of leather, which ensures durability, protection, and comfort. The sole, on the other hand, is made of rubber for maximum strength and durability on the bottom. They are about 2 inches thick in the middle, which ensures you don’t feel the roughness or hardness of the ground.​

The platform is also pretty thick, ensuring the feet are well cushioned. The upper part is a combination of leather and mesh to allow your feet to breath and remain cool while protecting them from the elements.

The sole has a curved profile that allows the shoe to fit in perfectly with the gait cycle. Walking should be much more comfortable than in the average shoe.


  • ​​​​​​​Generous midsole cushions feet well and lends comfort
  • ​​​​​​Curved sole profile allows for a natural gait cycle
  • ​​​​​​​Mesh and leather upper allow for breathability and comfort


  • ​​​​They are meant for flat and hard surfaces and will feel uncomfortable on uneven surfaces


​These are fantastic shoes for the gym and will make your workout more fun. Just don’t take them hiking or running on challenging trails as that’s not what they’re meant for.

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New Balance Men’s MX517v1

This shoe from New Balance is excellent for training and has been praised by the reviewers on Amazon for the way it supports feet that suffer from supination.

Supination is a condition where the feet tend to lean outward, toward the ankle, when the foot is flat on the ground after landing. The opposite of supination is pronation, where the foot tends to lean inward, on the arch, upon landing.

It is entirely a mix of textile and synthetics. The upper part is made of mesh for enhanced breathability. The rubber sole is extra thick, measuring nearly 2 inches at the heel for maximum comfort.

The inner sole is well-cushioned to support the foot and also happens to be removable, in case you would like to insert your own sole. As for the laces, they are easy to tie and save you time during your training session quickly. A protective rubber toe cap at the tip ensures your feet are well protected.


  • ​​​​​​​​Size tends to fit as expected
  • ​​​​​​​Mesh upper ensures breathability for the feet
  • ​​​​​​​​Thick rubber sole cushions feet against hard ground


  • ​​​​​Not meant for people whose feet suffer from overpronation as they already pronate naturally


These are excellent training footwear for men and will make your training session much more rewarding.

Best Summer Sandals for Hip Pain

​Teva Women’s Tirra Sandal

When summer rolls around, you want a shoe that goes with the season.

 It should looks good allows your feet to breathe, and also supports your feet with maximum comfort so you don’t have to experience any pain as you go out into the sun to take advantage of everything that life has to offer.

That’s pretty much what the Women’s Tirra sandal from Teva offers.

This sandal is made entirely out of textile with a rubber sole. The heel is relatively thick at 1.5 inches, and the shaft is about 1.35 inches from the arch. The platform measures 0.5 inches for stability.

The sole is made out of compression-molded EVA to offer your feet maximum comfort as you’re out and about in the sun. As for the strapping, the shoe is fairly open while still offering your foot the support it needs.

The strapping allows your feet to breathe while also providing support to your foot’s movement and a stylish and feminine hook and loop strapping mechanism.

The insole itself employs zinc-based anti-microbial lining to prevent foot odor. The outsole has superior traction with water channeling lugs that allow you to take on most terrains.


  • ​​​​​​​​​Overall design offers graceful feminine look
  • ​​​​​​​​Outsole is made of EVA for maximum comfort
  • ​​​​​​​​​Superior traction on the bottom of the outsole with water-channeling lugs enables shoes to be used in any terrain


  • ​​​​​​Tend to wear faster when exposed to too much sunlight


These are excellent and lady-like sandals that exude feminine grace while still being hardy enough to take on any terrain.

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Footminders BALTRA

These shoes aren’t strictly for men; they are unisex. However, they are still good enough that you can expect nothing but comfort while wearing them.

They are as stylish as you would expect summer sandals to look and they offer unmatched versatility, being suitable for most summer purposes: home, the neighborhood, the beach, the barbecue party next door, and so on!

The best part for these shoes, though, is the fact that they were designed to make walking comfortable for people with flat feet. The shoes introduce a gentle arch to the feet through their design that makes walking a lot safer and more convenient.

The shoes are made out of a mix of EVA and rubber and have been anatomically molded to conform to the natural shape of the foot and support the arches for maximum comfort.

The midsole, in particular, is made of compression-molded EVA that absorbs shock, cushions your feet, and supports the arches. The cups in the heel are pretty deep for lateral stability and a more balanced gait while walking.


  • ​​​​​​​​​​Compression-molded EVA midsole supports the arch and provides comfort
  • ​​​​​​​​​Deep heel cups provide lateral stability for more natural walking gait
  • ​Designed for use by both men and women


  • ​​​​​​​They come in full sizes, which means people that wear half sizes might have trouble finding the perfect fit


Whether man or woman you will appreciate the support and stability these shoes have to offer.

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Buying Guide - Alleviate Your  Sciatic Nerve Pain

When it comes to shoes, most people don’t know that there is a case to be made for considerations besides comfort and style.

However, such factors are still important, because buying the wrong shoe can lead to lots of complications, including dislocation of the ankles, blisters on your toes, and even pain in your back and hips. So how does this work?

What factors are the most important in getting the right shoe, and how do you make sure you’ve struck gold with the shoe you’re wearing?

1. The Support

​There are lots of features incorporated by manufacturers to support the natural supination and pronation of the foot. The foot tends to naturally lean inward upon landing (pronation) and outward upon takeoff (supination).

When it leans too much inward, it is known as overpronation, and when it leans excessively outward, it is known as oversupination.

Motion control shoes are made especially to offer support while walking to provide stability to the foot. Be careful, however, that they offer support in all the right places to avoid pain and injury.

The first consideration you should make in this respect is your arches. There are three types of arches: normal arches, high arches, and flat arches. You can tell which arch you have by dipping your foot in water and then making a footprint on a clear sheet of paper, or even on the floor.

The width of the middle in relation to the rest of the foot should tell you which arch you have. If the middle is the same width as the rest of the foot, then you have a flat arch. If the middle is much narrower than the rest of the foot, then you have a high arch.

If the middle is about half the length of the rest of the foot, then you have a normal arch. People with high arches tend to suffer from oversupination, while people with flat arches tend to suffer from overpronation.

  • ​For the Arch
  • ​for the heels
  • ​other

This involves having a support unit installed in the midsole. The support is usually in the shape of a wedge and is made out of EVA, though it can be made with other materials and take on different forms as well, such as midfoot shanks and foam pillars.

Some special shanks provide support for the heel and arch at the same time by extending from the heel to the forefoot.

​2. The Comfort

Your feet need to be well cushioned to prevent any injury from happening to them. Good cushioning will also protect your ankles, and by extension, your back as well.

When you are walking or running, you transfer kinetic energy to the ground, which pushed back with the same energy. That energy needs to be absorbed somewhere. It doesn’t just disappear.

That is the purpose of cushioning. It absorbs that energy and spreads it out safely to avoid injury o your legs. The type of cushioning is vital to its ability to prevent back pain and injury.

Cushioning on the upper part, for example, makes you comfortable but does not protect your back.

There are three parts of the sole that provide cushioning in different capacities to protect the foot.

3. The Insole

​The insole, also known as the insert, is there to cushion your feet without affecting the support and flexibility. The most common material used for the insole is EVA foam, though other types of material can also be used.

When picking a shoe, go for an insole that provides cushioning in the parts that experience the most wear.

4. The Midsole

​The midsole is the part between the insole and the outsole and is typically made of EVA and is irreplaceable. The most durable materials are put in the midsole to prevent wear. This part offers responsive cushioning and bounces back.

5. The Outsole

​The outsole is the bottom and absorbs the shock from the ground. Sometimes it can have special air pockets to provide extra shock absorption.

Apart from these general regions, shoes can have cushioning in critical areas, such as the heel or the arch. Typically this cushioning is installed in the midsole and outsole.​

If your arch and heels need extra support, consider getting such shoes as not all of them come with this support already installed.

6. The Flexibility

​A flexible shoe allows the foot to move in different directions to help distribute energy in the safest way possible for your feet. It may seem like the opposite of support, but the two often work hand in hand.

A rigid shoe, while offering support, will still likely injure you. On the other hand, you also don’t want a flexible shoe without support either.

7. The Material

​The materials used in the outsole can help to provide both shock absorption and cushioning. The most popular soles are synthetic and rubber soles as they offer the right mix of flexibility and support.

8. The Grooves on the Outsole

​Also known as flex grooves, they provide extra traction but also offer more flexibility, preventing you from getting an injury.

9. The Breathability

​While this isn’t directly related to your back pain, it is related to your quality of life and is therefore important. You want a pair that keeps your feet cool and dry and protects you from foot odor and fungi.

Mostly, shoes with upper parts made of mesh or perforations in their sides provide the right airflow to keep your feet cool, dry, and healthy. You can also consider wearing open toe shoes and sandals to achieve the same effect.

10. The Traction

Traction is essential in that it offers a proper grip to prevent you from slipping or falling, which can easily aggravate the lower back pain you might be experiencing or injure you.

You, so, want a shoe with good groove patterns on the bottom that not only provide traction in dry conditions but also in wet conditions where they allow the water to escape and prevent you from slipping and falling in wet environments.

11. Other Factors

​Apart from the above factors, you also want to consider the value you’re getting.

You will want durable shoes that offer you service long enough. Ideally, shoes should last at least a year or more before you have to go out to buy more.

Durable shoes typically have synthetic or rubber outsoles and leather uppers with a bit of mesh for breathability. Shoes made entirely of fabric and mesh will fray much quicker. Instead, look for leather or synthetic material mixed with mesh.

Replaceable Insoles are another consideration to make. You should, of course, get shoes with the right insoles. However, being able to replace the insoles when they get worn out could potentially make your shoes last twice as long. Just make sure you get an insole that provides the necessary cushioning and support.

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When you suffer from sciatica, bad hips, spinal stenosis, or back pain, even the most mundane tasks can become a struggle. If you have the right shoes, however, you may find that this pain can be alleviated. 

You don’t have to put a pause to your life because of your back pain or hip pain. Get the right shoes and go out there to experience everything the world has to offer. Eventually, your back will get used to it and play along!

All these shoes have many advantages for people suffering from back and/or hip pain from sciatica, including an outsole that prevents slippage and construction that offers comfort, stabilization, and support in all the right places.