mini stairmaster

For you to follow along this piece with me, it is important that I point out that I am a woman in my late 30s (a lady never discloses her real age, and she doesn’t lie either so the range should cover me just fine).

Additionally, I have a sexy figure (my husband seems to think so), and I love hitting the gym.

That said, you should know that this image I just painted was not always me.

For the longest time in my life, I was overweight. It used to bother me at first, but with time I had come to accept that was who I was.

But when I met my husband (then only an acquaintance at a local coffee shop) things turned around.

You see, my husband saw the potential in who I could be and what I could look like even when I could not see.

When everyone else saw a big round lady with probably a bad stress eating habit, he saw a beautiful lady with a near perfect body figure, his future wife, and mother of her kids.

For anonymity, let’s refer to my husband as Jerry. Jerry helped me work on my self-esteem enough for me to get into a gym. However, I did not last long at the gym. And before you think that I quit, that’s not what happened.

You see, my weight was working against me even when I tried to shed it. My joints hurt as I tried to push my body and weight through the treadmills every evening after work. So much so that I at one point went under medication. I thought for sure my fate was sealed.

After a month or so after leaving the gym, Jerry came to me one day in high spirits. He opened my laptop and searched for Mini-Steppers, on Google. I was confused at this point but went with the flow.

He opened several sites related to this new piece of technology and began to take me through his new plan of action with regards to my weight. Honestly, at that point I heard nothing as my mind has wandered away to how cute he looked rambling on and on about a piece of technology so passionately; a piece of technology that was not meant to help him but me.

Long story short, the Mini-Stepper was to help me work out just enough to reduce the pain in my joints and hit the gym after. The idea was ingenious.

Today, as I put this piece together, I am a changed woman, full of confidence and control (ladies you know how in control one feels when they know and feel sexy right?). This piece is to help anyone, guys and ladies alike trying to get into shape but the hurt on their ankle hips and joints will not allow them even to run a mile.

This piece is for those looking for a low-impact cardio workout exercise machine. It will also help many choose the best mini stepper on the market.


As its name suggests, this is a miniature version of a stepper machine that you can find in gyms. The mini-stepper is designed to offer a cardio-based workout with a focus on low impact moves, and that will get the hurt pumping and consequently burn the excess calories.

The unit features two stepping pedals that move up and down stimulating a climb up the stairs. Many models as you will learn later in this article feature adjustable resistances and allow you to set various levels of intensities.

The fact that it is so small allows its storage under the bed, in your closet or cupboard.

That said, let’s proceed and look at some of the benefits of this unit. I shall detail these benefits from two perspectives; from what makes the mini-stepper unique and what you stand to benefit from them.


  • Portable
  • affordable
  • balance and coordination
  • Discrete
  • Indoors
  • Easy to use

From the term mini, you can rest assured that the unit cannot possibly be difficult to transport.

Many brands and models of the mini-stepper weigh between 15 and 30 pounds.

Combined with their compact size typically about 20 inches x 15 inches, the mini stepper is easy to pack for a road trip or jet setting.

How You Benefit from Using the Mini-Stepper


Muscle Tone

The mini stepper has been designed to help in toning the lower body. It is especially effective in toning the legs.

The unit has been designed to target the hips, the calves, glutes, hamstrings, and quadriceps, simply put, all muscles in the legs.

There is also the option of getting a step machine with a handlebar, but you should note that very few have this feature.

Many times when I am talking to my friends about this unit and how it is beneficial, most shrug it off by saying that they are not looking to have bulky legs. And believe, I know how ‘not-sexy’ bulky legs are on a woman.

But you should understand that for you to develop bulky legs, you will enroll into intense weight training while eating mountains and mountains of food to aid in building muscles.

If it were easy to get bulky legs, then all guys down at the gym would be hogging the stepper machine.


Weight loss

Given that this machine targets all your leg muscles, it burns many calories in the process.

Experts have it that 155-pound individuals can burn 450 calories every hour while working out on a mini stepper.

This figure obviously goes up if you weigh more than this. Also, ramping up the intensity of the workout could help you burn much more calories.

You could also combine the stepper workout with a lower body workout like I did which will yield tremendous results for you.


Low Impact

This is one of the main benefits of portable steppers. They have a low impact meaning that while working out with this unit, you will not experience jarring shocks that are synonymous with running. This will help you to preserve your joints.

You should note however that stair climbing could put pressure on your knees. As such, it is advisable that you seek advice from a doctor if you have had knee problems in the past.

What to Look For When Buying a Mini Stepper

As stated above, mini foot steppers are not expensive workout machines. They can, however, be quite costly depending on the model you pick and the features that it sports.

That said, it is not in your best interest to rush into purchasing a under desk stepper. Below are some factors that you should consider first and that are bound to get you the very best unit.

  • Size
  • materials
  • Pedals
  • Noise
  • Tracking
  • Adjustable resistance

The mini stepper pedals are mostly made of plastic. This is a material you cannot avoid on the pedals.

However, you will need to have the other materials made from a material that is more solid - a material that is metallic.

This could be steel, an alloy or any other metal.

Try and ensure that the main component of the unit is not made from the fragile material.

Reviews Of The Top 5





My Rating 


high weight limit of 400 pounds



LCD display



with Resistance Bands



rubber tubes which aid in upper body workout



Really Quiet


1. Xiser Commercial

This is one of the best portable steppers on the market today. It is designed to be of great quality and has a professional feel to it. But despite this, beginners can also use it with great ease as well.

The unit has been built from a cast airframe grade alloy. This material ensures its longevity. The material also is lightweight which translates into only 14 pounds on the unit.

The unit has a high weight limit of 400 pounds which is perfect for most heavyweight persons. It also is important to point out that the pedals are textured to improve the grip while working out.

As for resistance, the unit makes use of a hydraulic cylinder system that has been patented. The resistance is adjustable to suit your ever changing needs. This hydraulic system is fluid based which means that the unit is not only effective but also quiet during workouts.


  • Portable and lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Has a great and textured pedal
  • Has a high maximum weight limit
  • Is super durable and heavy duty


  • It is quite expensive
  • Has no computer tracking system


This unit has been designed with a professional finish. In addition to this the unit provides great value for money.

The strength and quality of the solid aircraft material make it last longer and pay for itself over time by saving you gym membership costs.

2. FP1 Exercise

This is a compact exercise stepper that has been designed to fit perfectly in homes and even offices. Its discrete nature allows for this.

The reason this unit is loved by many is that it features large pedals which provide for extra comfort. The unit also features an adjustable resistance which enables beginners to grow with the unit.

It comes with an LCD display that shows the total number of steps done and also the calories burned. Another feature that differentiates this unit from the rest is the fact that it is a swivel mini stepper.

It has a different movement with every step meaning that it targets different muscle groups than most traditional sitting stair steppers. It will target the thighs and glutes.


  • Has an LCD display
  • Has a swivel movement
  • Is compact


  • Has a low weight capacity
  • It is affordable


While it may not be the best in terms of strength and weight capacity, it more than makes up for it with its swivel movement design and the LCD display that most can only wish to sport.

3. Sunny Health & Fitness

Unlike most products, this unit features handles to help beginners in keeping their balance. Sure the units are easy to use, but the handles make it all the easier to use and even balance.

Also, this unit comes with an adjustable height knob which is designed to adjust the motion height. Adding to this, you will also be pleased to note that the unit features 220 pounds of maximum weight, has an adjustable resistance knob and resistance bands that are padded and perfect for non-slip grip.

The display console on this unit keeps track of the times, speed and calories. The frame of this unit is constructed from steel which provides it with enhanced durability, strength and resistance to rust.


  • Made from durable steel
  • It is rust resistant
  • Has an LCD display console is compact
  • Has an adjustable resistance and height


  • The unit has a 220-pound weight limit
  • Not as hardy as some would prefer


The steel construction is the most notable feature on this unit giving it a high durability and strength. But despite the steel construction, the unit has a low weight capacity of 220 pounds.

4. Stamina InStride Pro Electronic

Seeing that this unit has made it on this list, it is without one of the best units available on the market. As a cardio-step machine, the unit performs great both in the office and at home. It does great work to work out the calves, core muscles and thighs.

This unit has a high resistance provided via hydraulic cylinders (two) enabling the user to take smooth steps. The monitor on the unit is used to display the number of slides every minute, steps, calories burned and the exercise time.

In addition to this, the unit features two rubber resistance tubes which help you to work out the upper body as well. Upon arrival, you will need to assemble it, but this does not take long.


  • It is compact
  • Has resistance
  • The resistance is through hydraulic cylinders which help to provide smooth steps as well
  • Has rubber tubes which aid in upper body workout
  • Has a display monitor


  • It requires assembly
  • Low weight capacity


This unit is created to provide one of the best cardio workouts in comparison to the other units. This unit works out both the upper as well as the lower body providing perfect and uniform weight loss over time.

5. Jfit Under Desk & Stand Up

Of all the units that we have reviewed on this list, this is by far one of the most diverse and the strongest. The unit features a different design but still achieves the same objective as the rest.

Despite the different design, the unit is compact and can fit under a desk with great ease. The unit is super quiet and will not disturb the peace and quiet of your neighbors.

In addition to this, the unit comes with an adjustable resistance that will suit your different needs.


  • Solid construction
  • Compact design
  • Easy to use


  • You have to assemble the unit after purchase
  • Quite expensive


While this unit comes with lots of features, many feel that it goes way beyond the mini stepper description with its steep price. But all in all, it delivers quality performance.

My Choice

With the above information, you should be in a position to make an informed choice. The mini stepper you choose will help you exercise despite being pressed for time even in the comfort of your office without disturbing the peace of those around you.

For those with joint problems as earlier stated, the unit proves to be perfect for them. Of the 5 products reviewed, the Xiser Commercial is my recommended product.

Sure it does not beat the Jfit Under Desk & Stand up unit in features, but it is however decent in performance and most importantly affordable.