N.O. Boosters

Have you been spending long hours in the gym or track and still feel like you are not reaping the results that you ought to?

If this is you, then one of the below best nitric oxide supplements could very well be the answer for you.

These health boosters come packing lots of nitric oxide which has its own wide range of benefits to an athlete or body builder.

With these boosters, you will reduce your fatigue, increase recovery rate and trigger intense muscle gain.

These boosters can also give you a major energy and endurance boost. Simply put, they will be to you what liquid nitrous oxide is to cars.

To help you further your fitness goals, we have rounded up the top 5 boosters to guide you in choosing the best supplement for your fitness needs.

You should note that these boosters will however not do the work for you but will give you the extra push in the right direction.

What is a Nitric Oxide Booster and How Does it Work?

Most persons refer to these boosters as supplements. Now, they are not wrong per se, since most are after all marketed as supplements. However, the term supplement makes it sound as though these products actually contain nitric oxide, a gas, which they do not.

Instead many of the nitric oxides available sport one or more forms of Amino Acid Arginine as their primary ingredient. The Arginine alpha-ketoglutarate is the most common and popular amino acid used by most manufacturers.

The amino acids are designed to boost the levels of nitric oxide in the blood which in turn increase the muscle strength, performance, and growth.

What are the Benefits of Nitric Oxide Supplements?

To better understand the benefits that you stand to gain, you will first have to understand the way in which the body handles and processes the nitric oxide. Many persons are unaware and even shocked to learn that nitric oxide is naturally produced by the body.

With a lot of talk of it's use to boost car performance, it almost sounds like a poisonous product to have in our bodies, which as we shall see, is further from the truth.

Nitric oxide produced by the body helps the muscles to grow as well as repair themselves after damage. During workouts and other strenuous activities, the body uses and needs a lot of power. The power it uses comes from an increase in oxygen intake as well as nutrients in the body.

However, while the body can produce as much power as you might need for a specific task, the blood vessels can only transport a limited amount.

Nitric oxide supplements are used to expand the blood vessels and increase the flow of blood to the muscles that need the energy most.

This increased blood flow helps the body to continue working in the strenuous pace and condition.

The first time the they were introduced into the market, they were used as male enhancement supplements given their vascular expansion capabilities.

Their intake increased the flow to all body parts and manifested greatly in the male sexual parts which further improved the sexual experience.

After a short while, however, experts learned that the effects could be applied in other areas to yield numerous benefits aside from an enhanced sexual part.

Even minimal doses have been known to have significant and dramatic impacts on the overall health of the body.

For those who are into bodybuilding or heavy training, for instance, nitric oxide comes with numerous benefits. During workouts and training, muscles tend to get damaged faster than they can heal.

This reduces the effectiveness of training and increases fatigue. Increasing the rate of repair and healing of the damaged muscles helps to improve the quality of workouts.

Nitric oxide plays an important role by not only vasodilating the blood vessels as stated above but also by healing and repairing the damaged muscle cells.

The muscle cells broken down during a workout are necessary to pave way for stronger muscle cells. With the improved repair, the new and stronger cells are generated faster thus providing desired results faster.

The nitric oxide is however not only for those who train hard, even though that is the main target market. It has also been determined to promote health in various body parts and systems.

The benefits include:

  • Reducing inflammation
  • Improving the quality of sleep
  • Boosting the immune system by aiding in warding off bacteria and protecting against tumors
  • Helps in behaviors and memory by improving the quality of information transmission of the nerve cells
  • Helps with erectile dysfunction

With all these benefits, why don’t experts prescribe it as medication? Well, they have and they do.

Most of the medication you are prescribed contain nitric oxide courtesy of its vasodilation effects. The perfect medication example is Viagra which helps with erectile dysfunction.

Summary of the Benefits

  • Expand the blood vessels and increase the flow of blood to the muscles
  • Helps to heal and repair the damaged muscle cells
  • Significant impacts on the overall health of the body

Is Using Nitric Oxide Safe? Any Side Effects?

To better respond to this query, we should first understand the side effects. Some of the most common side effects include nausea, headaches, diarrhea and stomach upsets. In the list of potential side effects, there are those that are more concerning than others.

1. Increased Urge to Urinate


The amino acid (arginine) is essential in the boosting of the production. However, the consumption of this amino acid in large amounts can result in the urge to frequently urinate.

Studies conducted by the Food Research International show that for the body to produce urine, it first produces a liquid that is high in arginine. The liver normally secretes sufficient amounts of enzyme arginase to help convert the liquid into urea.

When this is not possible, however, due to the high amounts of arginine, the body is forced to excrete the excess liquid arginine at all times.

To regulate this effect, however, you are advised to keep your intake of the supplement under 5,000mg daily. This might sound like a high intake cap but it is achieved in about 4 servings of the supplement.

2. Dropped Dopamine Levels

Some of the effective supplements tend to inhibit the transportation of dopamine. This causes a reduction in the levels of dopamine by up to 66%.

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that’s tasked with the responsibility of regulating:

  • Healthy sleeping cycles
  • Long and short term memory
  • Cognitive skills
  • Motivation levels

Increasing the levels of nitric oxide could have adverse effects on any of the above functions. Luckily, the amino acids that are used to boost the levels of n.o. in the body rarely have any impact on the production of dopamine and its levels.

That said, the side effects are rare.

On the flip side, you can increase the dopamine levels through dieting, exercising and engaging in sexual activities.

3. Deficiency of Zinc

Histidine, an amino acid is often used in the production. When it is combined with beta-alanine, another amino acid, a carnosine, a compound is produced.

Carnosine is the substrate used for the production of nitric oxide synthase. This synthase, on the other hand, is the enzyme that is responsible for the production.

Studies that have been conducted, however, show a relationship between high levels of carnosine and histidine and imbalanced levels of zinc.

Loss of zinc may result in:

  • Impotence
  • Diarrhea
  • Delayed sexual maturation
  • Reduced appetite

To regulate this side effect, it is recommended that men ensure a zinc intake of 8mg and 11mg for both women and men daily.

4. Stomach Upset and Nausea


This is probably the most common side effect. Many of the amino acids that are used in the production have a history of causing digestive problems. Arginine is the most common causative agent.

This side effect may not be as damaging as many of the rest mentioned above in the long run. They, however, do make the workouts a pain.

To help reduce the risk of developing the pains and upsets, you should be careful to follow the directions of use of the supplement to the letter.

It is also advisable to start with reduced doses and work your way to the full doses.

5. Changes in Blood Pressure

blood pressure

This type of supplements cause the vasodilation of blood vessels which improve blood circulation and result in the reduction of blood pressure.

For those who have high blood pressure, this may be a desirable side effect.

But for those who suffer from low blood pressure, these supplements may result in shortness of breath, chest pains, and even energy loss.

That said, if you suffer from hypotension, you just might want to think twice about consuming these supplements.

6. Changes in Blood Sugar Levels

A study that was published by the American diabetes Association stated that nitric oxide helped to increase the glucose uptake during an exercise. This side effect is more beneficial to individuals living with type 2 diabetes.

blood sugar level

Experts, however, maintain that regardless of whether one has diabetes type 1 or 2, he/she should exercise caution and closely monitor the glucose levels.

There is no doubt that nitric oxide boosters have potential side effects as detailed above (emphasis on the word potential). However, medical and health experts maintain that they are safe when the recommended instructions are adhered to.

Key Takeaways

You can experience changes in blood pressure, sugar & dopamine levels, increased urge to urinate and stomach upset. 

Also, it is also important to point out that the side effects listed above are minimal and affect a small number of users.

Provided you keep to a healthy diet and exercise regularly, you will enjoy the benefits the supplements have to offer.

Review of the Top 5

1. Sheer N.O Premium Muscle Building Booster

This is one of the best n.o. supplements available on the market. SHEER N.O contains key ingredients including arginine, citrulline and pine bark extract that give the nitric oxide its muscle boosting, recovery and endurance benefits.

The Arginine amino acid will help to increase the blood flow as well as reduce the blood pressure. In addition to this, this ingredient supports the production of growth hormones which is beneficial for building muscle.

Citrulline, on the other hand, gives the supplement fatigue reduction abilities and help to improve the results after hitting the gym. Last but not least, the pine bark extract will also work to increase the blood flow and also help with the blood sugars and erectile dysfunction.

Each bottle contains a dosage for 30 days. The company states that within this time, you will have started to gain muscle, feel stronger and more energetic.

To show just how confident the company is with the performance of this product, they provide a money back guarantee in the event you do not like the results you get.


  • Improves blood flow courtesy of Arginine and Citrulline
  • Reduces fatigue because of the Citrulline it contains
  • Corrects erectile dysfunction courtesy of the pine bark extract


  • Not available in physical stores


This product has been designed to be perfect for both professionals and novices as well. The best bit is that the product will not leave you coinless since it is affordably priced. 

2. Genius PRE-Workout Natural Nootropic Powder

Genius, the manufacturer of this product is committed to doing everything the right way. Their integrity in this light shines through in this product. The Genius Pre-workout nootropic powder has been created to be perfect for pre-workout, containing:

  • Citrulline
  • Beta Alanine
  • Betaine
  • L-Tyrosine
  • L-Arginine
  • Taurine
  • AlphSize
  • HICA
  • Rodiola Rosea
  • ElevATP
  • Theobromine
  • Astragin

The Above ingredients work together in perfect harmony to provide outstanding results with regards to improved energy, strength, mood and focus.

Given that this product does not contain any stimulants (it is free of caffeine), you can have two servings once. You just have to be prepared to double the side effects and the results as well.

Complementing the caffeine free feature is an advanced nootropic formula that enhances brain performance giving a much needed mental edge for ideal muscle and mind connection.

Another impressive feature of this product is that it is flavored. Even better is that they are naturally sweetened with stevia and are free of artificial dyes, colors, sweeteners, and flavors.


  • Contains several effective ingredients
  • Is caffeine free hence nonstimulating
  • Naturally sweetened with stevia and devoid of junks


  • Features some ineffective – not all the nutrients used to make the product are essential for workouts
  • Features potential side effects because of the Beta Alanine


If you are in the search for the best pre-workout nitric supplement available on the market, then this will make a great choice.

However, you should be aware that because of the Beta Alanine, one of its main ingredients, you just might experience some problems. But these are nothing that cannot be contained. 

3. Titan Strength NO2 Pills

If there is a product that is bound to earn you great results it is this supplement. The product was used by, Alyse Masserano, a renowned bodybuilder who went on to win the Dexter Jackson classic competitions in Memphis.

The Titan, as the name suggests is ruthless and effective in providing you with increased strength and muscle.

Adding to this, the product, courtesy of its effective vasodilating abilities which yield increased strength and energy, protects the cardiovascular system and improves on the immune system.

Using this product, you will see your weight lifting capacity grow steadily as will your reps during workouts. Best results are obtained when its consumption is complemented with a rigorous workout plan.

Most supplements are designed to trigger and increase the levels of nitric oxide in the body, but truth be told, very few, if any, can increase the production like this product does.

The titan product has been made with 4 perfectly and uniquely blending formulas that trigger and boost the production.

In addition to enhancing your workout performance, this product is perfect in increasing the male performance. Your lover is bound to notice a difference when using this supplement.

To show how much faith the company has in the product, they have a 30-day money back guarantee.


  • 4 unique blends to increase the production
  • Is caffeine free hence nonstimulating
  • Increased male performance
  • Naturally sweetened with stevia and devoid of junks


  • Some users stated that the product gave no results for them after several weeks


Given that the product has been used by a professional bodybuilder in the past and he went on to win the competition, it is safe to say that the Titan booster is perfect for all professionals as well as newbies in the bodybuilding arena.

In addition, for those who are not looking to have their bodies rock hard and ripped, they can benefit from the vasodilation property which brings with it reduced blood pressure and improved heart health. 

4. Vitamorph Labs N.O. 3000 Muscle Pumps

Vitamorph is one of the best nitric oxide boosters designed for both professionals athletes and body builders alike. The product as the name suggests will help to morph your body into a hard, carved and ripped body.

The product features several ingredients which include b-vitamins, L-citrulline malate, b-vitamins and grapeseed extract. All these ingredients are combined to provide one of the best and effective formulations there is.

These ingredients have been designed to help improve the blood flow pump as well as energy during a workout. The increase of these elements leads to a subsequent increase in the mass and the results obtained will be better.

You should note however that the product works better when you enroll into a workout regimen. Luckily, with the energy the product makes available, you will be able to last for prolonged workout periods without getting fatigued.

Being a dietary supplement, the product can also help you in weight gaining. You, however, have to pay attention to your diet. The Vitamorph Labs N.O 3000 comes with 120 vegetarian capsules.

Being a dietary supplement, the product contains more Vitamins than other products available on the market. Some of the vitamins it contains include Vitamin B3, B6, B5, and B12.

The recommended intake of the products is 4 capsules before any workout and on the non-workout days, 4 capsules either in the morning or before you retire to bed for the day will do.


  • Contains lots of vitamin nutrients than any other n.o. supplement
  • Increases heart health
  • Improves lean muscle mass
  • Increases energy and reduces fatigue during workouts


  • Some individuals complained they developed rashes and got itchy after they took the capsules


The Vitamorph Labs N.O 3000 has been designed to not only be perfect for bodybuilding but also excel as a regular vitamin supplement.

Even without lifting weights, you still will benefit from the vitamins contained in the product. 

5. Amrap Nutrition – Natural & Organic

This product from AMRAP is for all those organic and natural nutrition loving individuals. Unlike many of the nitric acids available, this product has been created from a unique and proprietary blend of electrolytes and beet nitrates.

The formulation is non-GMO, is gluten free and is also paleo friendly to cater to the different health dieters. But even with all this, it has going on, the supplement works to increase the endurance of the body by meeting the muscle oxygen demands when they most need it.

Each serving of this product contains a total of 10 organic beets and offers a superior trigger to the levels of nitric oxide without quarrels during competitions, training, and workouts.

This product also doubles up as a pre-workout supplement which helps to boost endurance and at the same time reduce fatigue.

In addition to this, the supplement works to reduce recovery time in between workouts, fight off inflammations, lower the blood pressure and help in detoxifying the body. You will also love its natural sweetness which makes it easy to drink.

Before the product is released to the population, AMRAP took it upon themselves to test the product via a third party company.

The tests resulted in the product being athlete-approved by the coaches and athletes as well as individuals tasked with the responsibility of banning substances in the fitness and competition industry.


  • Athlete approved courtesy of the third party testing
  • Naturally sweetened
  • Non-GMO product
  • Propriety blend of electrolytes and beet nitrates


  • Earthy taste
  • Quite pricey


Being an organic product, many are quite skeptical at the ability of the product to deliver.

The product, however, delivers huge bursts of energy and strength allowing you to recover fast and sustain endurance.

Within a week of consistent use and work out this product provides results.

My Recommendation

To bring the article to a close, we recommend the Titan Strength NO2 Pills for your next purchase. The fact that this product has been proved and yielded results for a renowned body builder who won a competition in Memphis is proof enough that the product works.

Also, the 4 ingredients uniquely blended to trigger the production of nitric oxide yields impressive results without you having to try so hard.

The supplement works on the regeneration of muscles and blood circulation so that you may recover fast and have quick gains.

But all in all, it is entirely up to you to choose the best nitric oxide supplement fit for your body needs as well as budget. With this guide to light your path, you should be well on your way.