Big Accessories Make a Big Fashion Statement

big accessoriesAs with 70s inspired styles, flower power is definitely back in style this summer season. Large flower-inspired things are the best accessory to snatch up!

If you’re worried about the “less is more” trend ruining your eye for flamboyant style, look no further than large flower-inspired accessories for this summer season. Just because many of this year’s fashion trends are deviating towards the simpler side of the style spectrum, doesn’t mean our choices in accessories have to suffer! Here are some tips and tricks on finding the best ”

Here are some tips and tricks on finding the best “flowerized” accessories to really make your outfits impress the masses.

Oversized Rings: A Feminine Touch with a Punch of Pizazz

A boisterous ring is always one of the best components for an outfit that is neutral and simple in its style. Because the clothing itself doesn’t stick out, you can really play up your accessories, so opt for large, oversized and brightly colored rings.

Flower rings were a huge hit with several retailers this past year, including Forever21 and Aldo. But adhere to these simple rules, so you don’t end up withering in your attempts:

  • If you wear an oversized flower ring, opt out of a large bracelet; it’s too much.
  • Don’t let your ring’s color directly match your outfit’s main color; color matching overkill is a fashion no-no, as it makes all of your statements blend in together, thus allowing nothing to stand out.
  • The color matching rule goes for your nail polish too; don’t match your nail color to the color of your ring.

Flowered Hair Clips and Pins: Tropical Tresses

For ages, flowered hair pins were a statement for the fashion-wacky or girls under the age of 12. Now, hair clips with flowers are more popular than ever, not to mention SUPER cheap. Thanks to the influx of flower inspired accessories making a huge splash at oodles of retailers, these cute clips are everywhere you turn and usually fall between the $5-10 dollar mark.

Here are some ways to utilize your flower clips properly:

  • Tie your hair in a loose bun and secure your clip to one side of your bun for an effortless summer look.
  • Pull your hair into a ponytail and secure your clip to the top where your skull stops and the ponytail starts.
  • Match your flower clip to the color of your shoes; this tip is an exception to the color matching rule, simply because your head to your feet are so spread apart by your entire body (and outfit), that it won’t look tacky or overdone.

Just remember, there IS such a thing as “too much of a good thing” so as long as you can adhere to these suggestions when stocking up on your favorite flower-inspired accessories, you’ll be sure to look as gorgeous as a fresh summer day!

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